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Four Pillars of Understanding

You know you need to budget; you know you need to save; you know you need help. The Monetary Foundations Coaching Program is designed to help you establish an understanding of your financial habits. The four financial pillars (Accountability, Purpose, Lifestyle, and Behavior) force you to get real about the ways in which money impacts your life.


Holding you accountable to the decisions that you make with your money is key. There is no running away from your habits, or your monthly bank statement. I hold you accountable for your mistakes while also recognizing your achievements.



Money has no purpose besides that which you give to it. What is the intent behind your saving? How does your money impact your life? Through my coaching program, I help you discover the true purpose behind your finances.



For a lot of people, budgeting represents a suppressive lifestyle. The truth is that budgeting allows you to live the life you want to live. These financial coaching concepts help you make the most out of every dollar, while also being able to achieve a greater lifestyle for yourself.



Why is it that we can't resist the urge to buy a candy bar at the checkout line? Why do we have a bundle of free stuff stocked away in our garages? Discover yourself through your behavior and determine what truly matters to you. 

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